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The Ultra Slim and Multifunctional Samsung UN55b8000 55 LED TV

A tv is the heart and soul of the residing room

The Samsung UN55b8000 55 LED TV has one of the slimmest frames ever produced. It has a panel that is simply 1.2 inches thick, which makes it an terrific spectacle to observe. Since its launch in 2009, it has garnered more than one awards for its layout and ingenuity. This ultra narrow LED TV is really worth a better look.

A tv is the heart and soul of the residing room. Not only does it need to combo properly to its environment, it additionally needs to appearance top notch. The UN55b8000's layout is one of the matters that make it stick out from other LED TVs accessible. Its glossy black end and crystal-clean neck offers it a totally awesome and modern look. By some distance, it's far one of the most lovely Best 4k TV 2018 available.

Picture quality has continually been a trouble with slender LED TVs. The problems range from uneven lighting fixtures to inadequate color. The Samsung UN55b8000 55 LED TV has the satisfactory photograph first-rate in its elegance. It has a five,000,000:1 assessment, which offers can provide the purest blacks as much as pristine whites. The Advanced Color Processing gives this Samsung model the maximum vibrant and correct colorings. In addition, the Auto Motion Plus 240 Hz technology can dispose of any motion blur from any films. This outcomes to crisp and fluid movement no matter speed.

The UN55b8000 also can function as a web-browsing device. It uses the ultra-modern surfing application, which makes browsing clean and pressure loose. This 55-inch LED TV does now not suffer from any apparent lags or hiccups, which results to a remarkable internet surfing revel in. There are also widgets that are mainly made for popular websites like Flickr and Facebook. This type of model is taking domestic leisure systems to more heights.

In phrases of connectivity, the Samsung UN55b8000 is one of the pleasant-ready LED TVs round. It has a PC input, 4 HDMI ports, and two USB ports. Since it has USB ports, you can simultaneous connect external hard or flash drives. Both ports could be feature as speedy as 480 Megabytes in step with 2d. Aside from its HDMI ports, it additionally has a built-in Ethernet port, which makes it networking geared up device.

The Samsung UN55b8000 additionally has unique functions that spotlight a few very beneficial capabilities. You can set the tool to Game Mode, which very useful when you are playing 3-d games like Crysis or another high frame fee games. If this version is on sport mode, it's miles set to its highest refresh rate and fastest reaction time. The tool also can do a Picture-in-Picture, which lets you watch two extraordinary channels on the equal time.

Since the Samsung UN55b8000 makes use of the brand new LED technology, it consumes up to forty% much less power than traditional LCD TVs. Aside from being electricity efficient, the Samsung LED TV does no longer include any dangerous chemical compounds which include mercury. You can relaxation clean understanding you have got one of the maximum environmentally friendly devices round.

Overall, the Samsung UN55b8000 55 LED TV is a gorgeous all round package. This extremely-skinny 1.2 inch LED TV will sincerely be a welcome addition to any residing room. It affords the first-class photograph pleasant and functionality while maintaining its exquisite slim frame. This 55-inch televison actually deserves two thumbs up.

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